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A Word from Our Owner

After graduating from college in the early '90s, I was unable to find a job so I bought an empty postal truck and built it as an ice cream truck. Once I realized how lucrative my business was, a few years later I began to purchase other trucks, fix them, and put them on the road. Every year, I would add more trucks, two here, three there, and so forth.

I am committed to providing my drivers with the best deal possible, ensuring that they are able to make a return on their investment. I work with my drivers on fees and other associated costs when there is bad weather.

I also provide all the maintenance and repairs that my trucks need, as I can put a truck back on the road in a very short time. In addition to providing ice cream trucks for self-employed business owners, I also sell ice cream. I give my drivers a choice on whether or not they want to purchase from me or from a distributor.